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#Hashtagspiration: where to find it?

This scenario might be familiar to you: you have a link or image to share online, but when it comes to hashtags, the well of inspiration is dry. 

Hashtags are like seasoning: a little can improve the dish, too much and it becomes unpalatable. At their best, they help interested people find you even if you're not connected. At its worst, the Instagram algorithm might penalise you and hide you from view. 

So what can you do, if you want to find the perfect ones to accompany your dish, erm, post?

Here's a few links for ideas:

  • Display Purposes comes up with hashtag suggestions for you to add to your posts. It only really works for quite general keywords, i.e typing 'bank' comes up with quite a few suggestions, typing 'fintech' comes up with zero.
  • Hashtagify Me helps you to find keywords related to the one that you've typed. Typing 'Fintech' for example will suggest things like #IoT #BigData #Banking and so forth.
  • also comes up with related hashtags and lets you select the ones you want and copy and paste them to your clipboard. It works on mobile too.
  • Focalmark is an app for Android and iOs which uses a mixture of human search and algorithm to find you the most relevant hashtags.
  • I wrote this list a few years ago featuring suggestions for professional services per sector.

And if you're concerned the hashtag you're using is spammy, there's a quick way to check.


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