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The sales nudge nailed - via content

The sales nudge.  You really want to interact with a prospect or client but do not want to send a 'just checking in' or even worse 'just touching base' email.  You want to nudge them along your sales cycle or simply remind them you exist but how can you do that?

Well, here at Passle Towers we have been creating our 'Go To' pieces of content that we can use for nudging or following up - especially after a meeting.  As a team we have created posts that we know will be useful for ourselves and our colleagues.   We often have the same conversations at meetings week in and week out so we can therefore often use the same content as follow up.  Obviously, you need to add your own comments but the bulk of the work is done.

Below is my example of a 'Go To' post I use as a nudge.  

In meetings and on calls I frequently talk about how leaders can communicate through public posts with their own teams and their wider group of employees.  After I have had this conversation with my client or prospect who is in a leadership position my 'Go To' post is the one below written by Passle co-founder Adam (with encouragement from me and my colleagues in Sales and Client Success).

What is important is that this post by Adam is not a coincidence.  It was deliberately written to help us drive our business forward - something that Adam is keen to support.  And it has worked.  

What is great is that Adam does not talk about Passle, does not sell Passle.  It is a useful, relevant and always timely piece of content we can continually leverage.

The reason the 'Go To' post works as a nudge / follow up is that it is not selling a service or a product.  It is you thinking about the challenges and problems faced by your prospects or clients.  Importantly because you have given your target something of use they now owe you - see the power of reciprocity (another go to post for us :).

If you can - with your colleagues or alone - create your own 'Go To' posts.  

I was part of a discussion recently about how best to influence people within a company, how a leadership team can best communicate with their own organisation.  There were are camps; those who advocated private communications (intranets, private chat and email) and those who favour publishing publicly.  The advantage of the first approach is that more sensitive issues can be addressed. However, publishing publicly has a transparency and confidence that is unique.  The post below by Richard Branson is a good example of publishing publicly. Had this post been made available only to Virgin employees, it wouldn't have had the same effect on the people in the photograph and it might have seemed somewhat odd for the CEO to distribute a memo internally about dropping in on staff (Is this a veiled threat? Should they be looking over their shoulders)?


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