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5 Simple Tips to Start Winning Business on LinkedIn

Here are five simple things to do to start generating new business through LinkedIn. These are things we do ourselves here at Passle and we help our clients do exactly the same.  The impact can be significant in driving business growth:

  1. Pick a niche and own it.  Talk about that niche and that niche only.  If you do this consistently over time people will start to view you as key expert on that subject matter.  Then, one day when needing a trusted advisor in that area you are likely to figure high in any thinking
  2. Make sure your profile is filled out “correctly” so that your personal brand is really strong. The good news is that many of your competitors will have very poor profiles, so to be seen as the best is not as hard as you might think.  Here is a quick guide with 10 key things to become a “LinkedIn Super Hero” Complete these 10 things (it will not take you long) and you will be well on your way.  People will search for and look at your profile, so make sure you come across as well as possible
  3. Join relevant groups – There are LinkedIn groups for pretty much anything.  Find the ones related to your niche, join them and share your insights with a very targeted group of people
  4. Create regular insights on your own website.  Then share to LinkedIn.  When you share the insight, don’t just hit share - write a couple of lines of introduction and name check “key people” within that introduction – maybe someone you have referred to in your article or a key contact you want to make aware of your insight.  They will get notified that you have mentioned them in the introduction.
  5. Like, share and comment on other peoples’ content and keep yourself top of mind with key clients and prospects

If you do this consistently then good things will start to happen and more business will come your way.  You can track your improvement with LinkedIn’s SSI (Social Selling Index) score.  You can find out what your score currently is at this link and then see your progress.

Implementing these 5 tips is having a big impact for us and our clients.  Here’s a message I received from a lawyer recently who followed the above advice:

“I am starting to see some real returns from the insights I am writing. It is really starting to open some doors for me.  Just wanted to say thanks really.” 

They went on to tell me that they had won several new instructions from sharing their insights to LinkedIn.


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