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Be a visionary leader - even (and especially) if you are not C suite level

'All leadership is about change - especially in business'.  This was great advice I received last week.  We talked about lots of other things during our conversation but this really stuck with me.  

Change really is the only thing you can absolutely guarantee will happen and our ability to change is very much linked to long term success of any organisation.  How we lead therefore defines our success.

What is important is that the 'C-Suite' should never have a monopoly on ideas or on driving change.  Ideas come from everyone in the team.  GIving them voice on and off line is therefore crucial.

When it comes to effectively leading change there are many tactics but here are mine:

  1. Ensure everyone knows what the goals are.  Focus not on the minutia but on getting individuals involved in the change.  Ownership of the change is key
  2. Ensure autonomy
  4. Make sure there are short term goals all the time that can be achieved and measured
  5. Celebrate success - a lot!

As a leader you can drive change by empowering your team to drive change.  As a team member you can lead wherever you are in the hierarchy - you simply need to have the courage to speak and a way to do this effectively!

Developing vision for an organization sets the stage for strategy and higher performance, it will always be seen as an essential capability for top leaders. But don’t misread that enduring truth to mean vision is therefore always above your paygrade. Like any leadership capability, visioning requires practice—and there’s no better way to get that practice, at any level, than by building your craft through smaller or sudden opportunities to make a contribution that comes your way. Learning by doing is a gift for anyone on the organizational chart with the courage to dream and speak up.


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