I had the privilege of watching a video recently of a health tech product being launched inside a leading law firm. It was interesting to see how this process aligned closely with our approach at Passle and made me think of a few insights which would be useful for firms launching tech products. Here are a few high-level thoughts...

1. Preparation - ahead of the launch agree a set of measurable set of KPIs ensuring that these, and the desired call-to-actions, align with the users'/firm's objectives

2. Leadership - have your most senior leader (who is connected to the user-base) introduce the technology, provide personal testimonials, and explain the why behind the product launch. Since the firm are being 'given permission' it creates a level of psychological safety which is important

3. Generating Demand - have a third party expert from outside the firm explain the value, citing industry-relevant research 

4. Technical Understanding - conduct a demonstration of the product illustrating how the technology works, highlighting best practice, and ensuring it is clear how to get the product installed and working

5. The Collegiate Impact - have more junior staff explain their experience to date (perhaps during a proof of value). This aligns with being at the centre of an informal network which is significantly more important than their position in the formal system when being an effective change agent. In addition, people who are highly connected have twice as much power to influence change as people with hierarchical power

6. Next Steps - close by reaffirming your call-to-actions, relevant KPIs, and how feedback will be delivered

Beyond the launch our final tip would be to make sure you follow-up and execute the necessary feedback loop to drive long term behavioural change. I have written about this here