Over the years of using LinkedIn I have acquired enough experience to be able to provide professional service folk - and in particular lawyers - 20 mins on LinkedIn basics.   I have presented this to a number of our clients since lockdown so I thought I would record it so anyone can access it. 

Check out the video below:  There are 4 sections - I have put in the timings so you can easily access the part you would like to watch:

  1. Introduction (00:00) - Why your online presence is really important - especially now
  2. Profile Best Practice (08:16) - 5 things to do right now
  3. Connect with those that matter (15:01) - Make sure you are connected to the people who are important (spoiler your clients, your prospects and your colleagues :)
  4. Create and share useful content (18:34) - create client relevant, timely, expert-led, digestible content.  Importantly, notice who is interacting and act on those interactions

The following resources are mentioned in the video and should be useful: