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The key to your employees creating new behaviours is through putting feedback and success in their hands regularly

The video below by BJ Fogg contains a 2 minute summary explaining how by combining small steps and positive feedback will lead to anyone creating a new behaviour. It is important to note you do need to make the small steps easy and make sense to the individual. 

Since the world of business development, sales and marketing has pivoted to digital suddenly, having our experts (your attorneys, lawyers, consultants, accountants etc) create new behaviours to adapt is critical. 

I would highly recommend putting the feedback that is relevant to their revenue targets in their hands on a regular basis to make this happen. You can find some examples of these in another blog I wrote here

If you are interested in further academic research into this then check out Bellon et al who explains how 'feedback is more strongly and consistently related to achievement than any other teaching behaviour'.


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