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CMO Series EP20 - Lee Garfinkle of Goodwin on building a dominant industry position in legal services

Every firm is trying to get closer to clients and build their profile in particular industries. 

In this episode, Will Eke is lucky to be joined by Lee Garfinkle, Chief Client Development and Relationship Officer at Goodwin, who shares how their industry-focused strategy is enabling them to support their clients further, not only with legal issues, but with business and operational challenges. 

Tune in to hear Will and Lee explore issues including:

  • How an industry-focused approach makes Goodwin stand out from the crowd
  • How this approach works in practice and what has been established as part of the strategy
  • Communications strategy to demonstrate industry eminence and how the approach works for winning new clients
  • Successes of this approach that showcase how the firm's strategy is working
  • How other client development and relationship officers can take this approach
You've been there before, so you know exactly what kind of challenges the businesses in those industries have, and you know in advance how to solve those problems.


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