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Top tips for digital transformation in law firms by Kalev Peekna and Dan Tines


of One North provides a great insight (slides below) into why digital transformation projects typically fail and how they should be approached. Covering the importance of 'digital endurance' when approaching programmes (not projects). 

  • "People invest into the future" and therefore it is most important to share your vision with stakeholders to gain political and budgetary support.

  • Iterative releases rather than one big launch followed by minor tweaks. This is certainly the theme from agile development methodology within software companies and allows for reactive demands both internally and externally.

  • Platforms are here to stay. Thinking that your CRM, Email or Website will have to change in 5 years does not allow for iterative updates and instead drives towards one big launch. Amazon are a great example of this, having never completed one major release and instead reacting to needs and making iterative steps.

  • Data driven, using data to support your transformation allows for these releases to be far more specific and effective to fit your client needs. Dan Tines has some really good examples into this and worth a chat for more insight. 

In conclusion it is apparent that digital transformation projects should be no different to a content strategy - there is no clear end point but an ongoing iterative programme involving all stakeholders across the business who it has an impact on. 


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