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If you are a leading attorney - think about recording a podcast or two

This year we have all learnt new ways to stay virtually close to our clients and network as many pre-pandemic opportunities to influence have been closed off.

One good thing we have seen is experts have gone digital.  Attorneys are increasingly trying out new digital ways to remain front of mind - ensuring their reputation as the go-to experts are reinforced.  Many have given video and podcasts a go for the first time since March.  Check out these examples on Passle:

I 100% agree with the following from the article referenced below: "Every episode you produce is a business development tool and a referral opportunity, so high-quality, compelling content is the goal"

My advice - keep it short, digestible, authentic and always, always think about the audience you want your content to resonate with.  This should be easy for you if you are an attorney - simply think of your best clients and talk about subjects you know they will be interested in.   Not rocket science.  If you can involve your clients in your podcasts - they will appreciate your interest and celebration of their expertise.

Finally, doing something is better than doing nothing whilst talking about doing something!  You will not be perfect the first time.  This is probably new to you because you will be used to being brilliant at what you do, but accept it and get going.  What you say will resonate with your clients and the people who are important to you. You will get better with experience and as your clients provide feedback.  

Specific to the legal industry, in-house counsel and C-suite executives have ranked podcasts as a preferred content source in recent surveys. In a survey of 150 private practice attorneys, none of the respondents had launched their own podcast, and only about 10% identified that they planned to do so within the next six months. As a result, podcasts are a high-engagement, low-competition way for law firms, practice groups and attorneys to extend their reach through thought leadership.


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