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Law firm Business Development - giving your experts a voice

US law firm Michal Best is doing a great job helping its clients succeed. I have been working with their Business Development and Marketing team for almost a year and they have done an outstanding job of empowering their entire team of attorneys - Partners and Associates - to share their expertise and showcase their knowledge with their clients and future clients. 

Check out Jenny's quick audio above. As Michael Best's Senior Business Development Manager Jennifer Conley has done a fantastic job implementing Passle across her team of fee earners - junior and senior.

My experience is that success comes when you empower your entire team of fee earners to share their expertise. I also believe that fee enablers should have their voice heard too. They are a crucial part of the solution clients pay for and their expertise helps deliver excellent service when it comes to legal services.

Enabling your team to create and share authentic, digestible, client-focused insights will:

  • Display the depth and breadth of your team's expertise. Clients know that it is not just on senior attorney doing all the work. It takes a team to deliver excellence
  • Provide a voice to your future leaders so they can 'build their book' of business. Do not wait until they are Partner to demand they develop their client base.
  • Showcase you 'walk the talk' when it comes to Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity. You are being judged by your clients so make sure you are empowering everyone in your team to show who they are and what they know.
  • Encourage collaboration and 'cross sell' opportunities.
  • Show your team's shared values and priorities. Law firms can appear generic. It is your values that differentiate you.
"We have an approach of a very strong team environment and culture at Michael Best. It is very important for us to ensure Associates, Senior Counsel, as well as Partners have the opportunity to grow their personal brand, social media presence, and network." Jennifer Conley, Senior Business Development Manager, Michael Best


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