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CMO Series EP21 - Andrea Stamp of Forbes Solicitors on building recognition in key regions with strategic campaigns

In 2020, Forbes Solicitors launched a new cornerstone campaign, the Reinvention and Resilience Top 50. The initiative recognised businesses in the North West of England that had created new ways of generating revenue, protected jobs or reinvented the way they operated, during the pandemic. 

Charles Cousins is excited to be joined by Andrea Stamp, Director of Marketing and Business Development at Forbes Solicitors, to discuss the campaign, its objectives and results and how others can learn from their success. 

Listen in as Charles and Andrea cover:

  • How the campaign come about and and the business objectives
  • The impact the initiative has seen after two years of running
  • How they ensured the success of the campaign and reached the right audience
  • The considerations around linking the campaign to work
  • Advice for other marketing professionals planning their next big campaign
Make sure it's not a flash in the pan... plan for the future.


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