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How to get your boss to help close deals... and write content

Sometimes you need to get your boss to do something to help a deal proceed.   Their help can be priceless in the authority it brings.  I often request the 'Chiefs' Adam and Tom here at Passle to join me for meetings for example.  However, their time is limited and the demand on them is great.

Recently I have had quite a bit of success getting Adam and Tom to help me by creating content that I can then use to influence specific clients and prospects.  Essentially I tell them what I need them to write about and due to their experience and knowledge they can create a post I never could.  It does not take them long and they know it is driving our revenue targets so they do it.

On the back of discovering how helpful it is to suggest ideas to management and peers we have today released Passle's Suggestion tool.  See below:

STEP ONE: Share the original article along with suggested text and your own comment to your boss

STEP TWO: Your boss receives the email and thus can easily create a post.

STEP THREE:  Your boss creates post for you to share with those you want to influence.  Done!

What this all means is that as well as the traditional ways of managing up I am adding content creation as another weapon. 

Leaders, even those in the C-suite, must also extend their influence upward and horizontally. Organization theory suggests that managing upward and sideways is good for both the company and the individual leader’s career: CEOs need the insights and pushback of trusted executives to help sharpen strategy. And complex modern organizations benefit when people engage with their peers across functional and business-unit boundaries to bring a range of perspectives and drive change and innovation.


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