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How to mature your digital presence from inactive to active

I love the video below created by Sarah Goodall Founder of Tribal Impact.  Sarah talked me through her social media maturity model moving experts from inactive online to active. It made a lot of sense.

As you will see on the x-axis you have a level of social confidence and on the y-axis size of network. Those in the bottom left are inactive. Top right are the influencers.  Sarah goes through how to take your team on a journey from inactive to active.  That is the key. Not everyone is going to become a social media influencer (which is good) but getting them out of inactive is key.

In Sarah's model classic B2B experts are Connectors - some are simply inactive.  

They build their network but do not do anything to take advantage of that network online.  There is obviously a huge opportunity here for them to do something and gain a great deal.  The first thing is to move them right - to being social sellers. This is where they engage and share content.  

Some in the middle column - participators, broadcasters and collaborators - will move up to Influencers and thought leaders - the big difference between them is content creation.  

Sarah talks about key steps in the journey - the last I added:

  1. Do nothing
  2. Start building your network and optimise your online profile
  3. Read, share and engage with online content
  4. Create content - get your voice
  5. And (this is mine) ultimately create your own content deliberately and share it strategically with key business goals in mind. This is very much linked with Account-Based Marketing

Importantly the intention is not to get everyone in the firm to become an influencer. Not everyone needs to create content.  As I said the overall aim is to move everyone in the firm from inactive to active.  

Sarah Goodall from Tribal Impact has been a friend of Passle for a long time.  Check out Tribal Impact's insights here

Discover the 9 categories of employee social maturity. Once you’ve mapped your employees to the maturity model it’s easy to pinpoint the appropriate social media training to deliver. Whilst it’s a fairly basic set of axes, it does determine a natural path of progression for a social employee. By deconstructing what it takes for a person to become an influencer online, I have been able to create a social training experience that maps to the natural journey.This is great for the employer since the most appropriate training can be targeted to the correct group of individuals. It’s also great for the employee because they’re not overwhelmed by “Twitter 101” training when they haven’t even got a LinkedIn profile.


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