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In this episode of the podcast, Will Eke is joined by Alessandra Almedia Jones, Director of Marketing at Baker McKenzie. 

Will and...

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Thousands of brilliant experts in professional service firms are using Passle to create regular content. Content is not only a brilliant...

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Growing a business is challenging at the best of times. To do so amidst a global pandemic certainly shifts the goal posts! 


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When running a content programme, many clients ask who is best positioned to write good content. The initial thought is to get senior...

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Katie Nagy De Nagybaczon from law firm CMS spoke at Passle's second annual Rainmaker event earlier this year in London.  Below is...

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An incredible campaign by Heads Together and The FA on the presence and impact of mental health in society. The collaboration...

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The theme of our annual Rainmaker event this year was Distributed Leadership. Our four fantastic speakers addressed the need for...

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